Sunday, September 17, 2023

St. Ann, Bainbridge Avenue

 The Norwood News of  9.14.2023.

Montefiore Hospital owns the former school of St. Ann on Bainbridge Avenue. It has now leased the school to a non-profit middle school. Please see the article linked below. Because the parish never got around to building a church, what is now a school gym was for years fitted out as a church.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Test for Admission to Catholic High Schools

 The Archdiocese of New York (seven counties), the Diocese of Brooklyn (two counties), and the Diocese of Rockville Centre (two counties) generally require the test offered on the website


The test is taken by computer at home. It costs $71. The student selects three high schools to which the testing company will send results. The test is apparently scheduled for early November, 2023. Apparently there is some way the downloaded program knows that is is the registered eighth grade student and not a learned grandma answering the test questions.


The abbreviated name for the test is TACHS. Much more information is at

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Leasing space at St. Brendan's school

 The NYC Board of Education has signed up with St. Brendan's parish to lease its school part-time for a charter school.  The parish will be able to use it for religious education, apparently on weekends. Please see the Norwood News article linked HERE.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Twenty-four Catholic elementary schools in The Bronx

 The February 15, 2023, news of upcoming closures was severe, but a list of parish schools still providing elementary education shows strength. I will attempt to list by geography the twenty-four Catholic elementary schools of The Bronx open in September. If readers find errors, I will edit this post.

Schools north of Fordham Road and Pelham Parkway:
St. Margaret of Cortona, West 260 St., Riverdale
St. Barnabas, East 241 St., Woodlawn.
St. Francis of Assisi, Baychester Ave., Wakefield.
St. Philip Neri, Grand Concourse and East 202 St.
Our Lady of Refuge, East 196th St., Fordham.
Holy Rosary, Arnow Ave., East Gun Hill Rd.
Our Lady of Grace, Bronxwood Ave.
St. Lucy, Mace Ave.
Schools south of Fordham Road and to the east.
St. Simon Stock, Valentine Ave., East 182 St.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Bathgate Ave., East 188 St.
St. Clare of Assisi and St. Francis Xavier, 1911 Hone Ave., Morris Park, near the corner of Rhinelander Avenue. In other words, the merged schools will be at St. Clare's. This explanation comes from the St. Francis Xavier website.
Villa Maria Academy, Pelham Bay.
St. Theresa, Pelham Bay.
St. Benedict, Throggs Neck.
St  Frances de Chantal, Throggs Neck.
Schools south of Tremont Avenue:
Sacred Heart, Highbridge.
Christ the King, Grand Concourse, below 170 St.
St. John Chrysostom, Hoe Ave. near East 166 St.
St. Raymond, East Tremont Ave.
St. Helena, Benedict Ave., Parkchester.
Holy Cross, Soundview
St. Athanasius, Southern Boulevard
St. Anselm, Tinton Ave., near East 152 St., Morrisania
Immaculate Conception, East 151 St., Melrose.

Most of the above websites followed an archdiocesan template, but there seems to be inconsistency about how pre-K and UPK enrollments are included. High enrollment numbers may be bloated by high numbers in pre-K. More important for the survival are the grade-by-grade numbers, especially grades 2 to 8. The websites fail to disclose these numbers, just as many websites ignore tuition rates.

Thursday, February 2, 2023

New address for donations to Catholic Relief Services

 Mailed donations to Catholic Relief Services now go to a processing firm in the small city of Harlan, Iowa. Instead of Baltimore, the donation address is now Catholic Relief Services, Post Office Box 5202, Harlan, Iowa 51593-0702. This is a  Hearst-owned corporation that handles incoming payments for many magazines and non-profit organizations.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

The loss of Catholic print media

 The Pilot is the official weekly newspaper of the Archdiocese of Boston, published from offices in Braintree, Massachusetts. On December 3, 2022, it published an article, "Loss of print media seen as posing challenges to U. S. church communications."  The link to the thirty-paragraph analysis is HERE.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Msgr. Thomas J. Shelley, 1937-2022

With sadness, I report the death of Msgr. Thomas J. Shelley, author of several books on the history of Catholics in the Archdiocese of New York. He died yesterday. The Mass of Christian Burial will take place at Ascension church, 221 West 107th Street, Manhattan, 10 a.m., Friday, November 18, 2022. Please see an encomium on the website of America Magazine, linked HERE.

Friday, May 20, 2022

In Six Months, Catholic New York Gone

Shocking and disappointing news arrived this morning. The archdiocese has announced the closure of the bimonthly (every other week) Catholic New York, which will cease publication in November.

Please see the link HERE.

About 1985 , the archdiocese established the weekly Catholic New York to replace the family-owned Catholic News. The Ridder family published the Catholic News since 1886, when it was founded by Herman Ridder. The Catholic News Publishing Co. of Mamaroneck still publishes an annual Catholic Telephone Guide, a valuable list of the parishes, schools, personnel and works of archdioceses and dioceses in vast metropolitan New York (New York, Newark, Bridgeport, Brooklyn, Rockville Centre, Camden, Trenton, Metuchen, Patterson).

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Appointment of deans

Yesterday, this list was posted on Catholic New York. Msgr. John Graham has been named dean for the Bronx East, Fr. Enrique Salvo for Bronx West. However, Fr. Salvo has just been named rector of St. Patrick's Cathedral, news HERE. He replaces Msgr. Robert Richie.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Parish schools sudden closure 7.9.2020

Link to article in The Riverdale Press HERE.

St. John's, Kingsbridge Avenue
Our Lady of the Assumption, Pelham Bay.
Sts. Philip and James, East 213th St. and Boston Road.
Nativity of Our Lady, Dyre Avenue
St. Luke, East 139th Street
St. Thomas Aquinas, West Farms

The press release from the archdiocese is linked HERE.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Apartments at St. Philip Neri

Catholic Charities has received approval for two apartment houses on Villa Avenue, the street that runs behind the church and school of St. Philip Neri.  Please see this January, 2020, article in New York Yimby.
Old photos of St. Philip Neri parish are in this blog at St. Philip Neri.