Monday, April 20, 2009

St Francis of Assisi, Baychester Ave., Wakefield

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See pages 488 and 489 for the creation in 1949 and merger in 2007 of the parish of St Francis of Assisi, at Baychester Avenue and Pitman Avenue, seven blocks inside the city line. The rectory phone number is 718-324-5340. With St. Anthony (Richardson Ave.) and St. Frances of Rome (Barnes Ave.), St Francis of Assisi is one of three Wakefield parishes with the same pastor and associates. There is another parish named St. Francis of Assisi in High Bridge, but that has been merged with the larger parish of the Sacred Heart.
This parish offers an elementary school at 4300 Baychester Avenue, Bronx NY 10466, telephone 718-994-4650. With about 300 students, it appears that there is one section per grade. Adjacent to the church is an early learning center, the sign for which appears above.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

St Frances of Rome, Barnes Ave., Wakefield

Above, before the 1960's only the lower church existed, on the ground floor. Then a magnificent, bright upper church was added. More recently, an elevator helps those who have difficulty with the foyer staircases.

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The new church, as seen from the west.
From Catholic New York: 10.15.2015:  Father Georginus Ugwu, M.S.P., who was named pastor of the newly merged parish of St. Frances of Rome-St. Anthony-St. Francis of Assisi-Our Lady of Grace, the Bronx, on Aug. 1, had previously served as temporary administrator of the Wakefield Catholic Churches of St. Frances of Rome, St. Anthony and St. Francis of Assisi since July 2014. He was pastor of the Catholic chapel and chaplain of Florida A & M University in Tallahassee, Fla., 2007-2014. He was associate director and bursar of his religious congregation’s office in Houston, 2005-2007. A native of Nigeria, he earlier served there and in the Central African Republic. He was ordained for the Missionary Society of St. Paul in 2000.
See pages 299 and 301 for the 1897 creation of the parish of St Frances of Rome, near East 236 Street and Barnes Avenue, Wakefield, east of White Plains Road. The present church dates from 1967. For many years, the Sisters of the Presentation taught in the parish school. The rectory address is 4307 Barnes Ave., Bronx NY 10466, telephone 718-324-5340. The pastor of this parish is also responsible for St. Anthony's on Richardson Avenue and St. Francis of Assisi on Baychester Avenue. For the St. Anthony/St. Frances of Rome elementary school, please use this link.

Mount St. Michael, Murdock Avenue, Wakefield

Above, the main entrance on Murdock Avenue. Please click on any photo to enlarge it.
Above is the view from the intersection of Nereid Avenue and Murdock Avenue.
Above, St. Michael the Archangel, guards the campus from rival teams in sports.

Above, looking east across from Nereid Avenue to Pitman Avenue. That is the Brothers' house, with football field and all-weather track to the left.

See page 378, for a passing reference to the arrival of the French-speaking Marist Brothers from Quebec. Their work continues at Mount St. Michael Academy, a boys' school (grades 6-12), 4300 Murdock Ave., Bronx NY 10466, telephone 718-515-6400.
The Marists continue the work begun by St. Marcellin Champagnat in 1817 in southern France. They opened St. Anne's Academy on East 76 Street, Manhattan, in 1892, and in 1926 they opened Mount St. Michael Academy in The Bronx. In addition to the academy's scholastic work, the Mount is long-famous in Bronx high school sports. This is the same community that built Marist College in Poughkeepsie.
The academy property is large. It is bounded by Murdock Avenue on the south, Pitman Avenue on the east, Mundy Lane on the north, and Nereid Avenue on the west. According to John McNamara's "History in Asphalt," Murdock Campbell was a Wakefield real estate agent around 1899, Pitman the name of a landowner further south on Pitman, Mundy a funeral director, and Nereid the name of a fire brigade near Richardson Avenue and Nereid Ave., which is also East 238th Street.