Sunday, September 8, 2013

Elementary school statistics

With the recent publication of the 2013 Official Catholic Directory, it is possible to look at some statistics of the Catholic elementary schools in The Bronx. Please realize that the data was probably collected more than a year ago, and some of the numbers may include pre-kindergarten enrollment.  Also, fourteen of the forty-three schools are listed with the same exact enrollment three years running, unlikely, and therefore suspect. The forty-three schools open in September, 2013, are listed in the directory as having 15,111 students.  The 2012 directory listed 17,380.
The following analysis ignores schools with suspect numbers.  The four elementary school with the highest enrollments are St. Raymond (given as 880), Immaculate Melrose (491), Sacred Heart (466), Holy Rosary (430) and St. Helena (415). At the median are St. Angela Merici (315), St. Benedict (301), and Sts. Peter and Paul (300). Lowest numbers were St. John Kingsbridge (226), St. Simon Stock (207), Visitation (196).