Saturday, August 15, 2009

St. Joseph, Bathgate Ave., Tremont

St. Joseph's school remains open, but as of August 1, 2015, St. Joseph's church on Bathgate Avenue is closed, and the parish is merged with that of St. Simon Stock.  The photos below were taken in 2009.  For a photo of the church interior and some other parish photos, please click on this link.  Then scroll down that page.

Above is a view south on Bathgate Avenue. Clicking on any photo will enlarge it.

The school is on the east side of Bathgate Avenue. The cornerstone is dated 1922. The church cornerstone is dated 1899.

See page 216 for the influx of Germans into Melrose, Morrisania, and Tremont, and the creation of the parish of St Joseph in Tremont in 1873. See page 218 for prints and photos. See page 292 for its quickly becoming a territorial parish. Page 392 shows St Joseph's parish on the list of coadjutor archbishop Corrigan's visitations in August, 1883. Page 222 refers to an Irish-American pastor at St. Joseph's in 1895. See page 412 for a photo of a Holy Name Communion Breakfast in 1938. The present church was built in 1902 on Bathgate Avenue, just north of East Tremont Avenue and a block west of Third Avenue.
The address of the parish school is 1946 Bathgate Ave., across from the church. With about 500 students, it seems to have one or two classes per grade. The school's excellent website is linked here. For years, the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill staffed the school.
The neighborhood bustles with residents, shoppers, and workers in many small enterprises. Quite a few smaller churches line the streets.
In this 1969 photo of the Third Avenue El, one can see both the church and the school. The school has a white-painted wall facing east and a satellite dish for the archdiocesan television network. The church stone is afflicted with the grime from many Bronx furnaces. In fact, one cloud of soot can be seen in the distance.

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Unknown said...

I was not aware that St. Joseph church has closed there doors. It was the church I grew up with my family. I lived in Bathgate Avenue and walk to church every Sunday come rain,snow or shine. I no longer live in Bronx but often wonder what become of the church. It was with heavy heart to hear about the closing of the church. Great memories there I will cherish there. God follows me everywhere I go and so does this church.