Sunday, May 16, 2010

Visitation, Van Cortlandt Park South

As of August 1, 2015, Visitation church was closed for regular worship.  The merged parish of St. John - Visitation worships at St. John church, Kingsbridge Avenue near West 230th Street. Visitation School closed in June, 2017. At the same time, the archbishop decreed that Visitation church, pictured below, has been canonically relegated to profane, not sordid, use. The decree may still be available HERE on the archdiocesan website. 

See pages 478 and 480 for Visitation parish, Kingsbridge, founded in 1928. The present church dates from 1953, because the previous church and school (a combined building, if memory is correct) was destroyed to construct Major Deegan Expressway. The rectory address is 160 Van Cortlandt Park South, Bronx NY 10463, telephone 718-548-1455.

The parish school is at 171 West 239th Street, Bronx NY 10463. The school website is here. The school has one section per grade. Lay teachers, Sisters of Charity, and Dominican Sisters staff the school.
This note is from a viewer:
Just some more info on the Visitation Parrish
My family the
Greco/Caputo's moved to 238th St. around 1935 from St Nicholas Ave.
I know that my Uncles owned the stores along Bailey Ave.
I think cousins still may own them
and each of the Uncles had a business - the others were rented.
One of the 10 or so stores was given to Father Stafford?? the founder of Visitation by my uncles to use for Mass.
until the first church was built on 238th st. next to 135 west 238 st.
my older cousins who are now in their 80's went to Visitation and graduated from the old school.
I was in the first first grade class  at the new school and graduated in 1961.
in those days our first grade class had 58 students. Sister Dorothy was our teacher.
Rosemary Dilgard

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