Monday, November 14, 2011

Sts. Philip and James, Boston Road

See pages 488 and 489 for the 1949 establishment of the parish of Saints Philip and James on Boston Road at East 213 Street. The parish address is 1160 East 213 Street, Bronx NY 10469, telephone 718-547-2203.  I neglected to take a photo of the church entrance on East 213th Street, which just around the right corner of this view from Boston Road.  The property is bounded by Boston Road, East 212 Street (to the left of this photo), Msgr. Cahill Place, and East 213 Street.
The parish and school website, offering much information,  is linked here.  The school address is also 1160 East 213 Street, Bronx NY 10469.  The school telephone is 718-882-4576.
For many years the Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt staffed the parish school. The Sisters also have a blog here.

The patrons face northwest on the school wall.  Since St. James wrote an Epistle, I presume he holds a scroll.  The parish website has biographies of each.

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