Friday, July 26, 2013

Partnership and three elementary schools

On July 24, 2013, the Superintendent of Schools issued this press release.  Please read the release, as my interpretation may not correctly describe what has been done.
Three Bronx parish elementary schools are involved.  Each displays a fresh website, which refers to new management by The Partnership for Inner-City Education.
Immaculate Conception School, 378 East 151 Street, Melrose.  The link states that enrollment from PreK4 to Grade 8 is 491.
Sacred Heart School, 1248 Nelson Avenue, Highbridge.  The link states that enrollment from PreK4 to Grade 8 is 465.
St. Athanasius School, 830 Southern Blvd. The link, obviously by the same designer as the above two, states the enrollment from PreK3 to Grade 8 is 275.
Three Manhattan schools are also included in the press release.  The non-profit organization, The Partnership for Inner-City Education, will assume financial responsibility for the schools and seems to have pledged $6 million dollars to the six schools.
I find no mention of grade-by-grade enrollment at these schools.

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