Friday, May 18, 2012

St. John Nam, Williamsbridge

See pages 299 and 300 for the Korean Catholic parish of St. John Nam, which apparently was established in 1989 at some other location, and in 2007 moved into the church of St. Mary on White Plains Road near East 215 St, Williamsbridge. The rectory address is 3663 White Plains Road, Bronx NY 10467, telephone 718-231-2414.
This 2004 link may give some explanation of the history of the two parishes.
Above the outdoor schedule of Masses is the heading, "St. John Nam R.C. Church 1989.  St. Mary R.C. Church 1866."  The schedule was photographed in May, 2012.
A block south of the church is the elevated station of the #2 White Plains Road train, which travels the Seventh Avenue Subway in Manhattan.  John Baptist Nam, 1806-1866, beheaded for his Christian faith, was canonized by Pope John Paul II.

The rectory is to the right of the church.

A statue of Mary is to the left of the church, which appears to have beautiful grounds.

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