Monday, August 27, 2012

St. Mary School, Carpenter Ave., Wakefield

St. Mary School, described in the banner above, takes up the entire east side of Carpenter Avenue from East 224th Street to East 225th Street.  It is one block west of White Plains Road. The address is 3956 Carpenter Avenue, Bronx NY 10466, telephone 718-547-0500.  The school's website, linked here is very helpful. As of February, 2015, the school's Facebook page is current.
In Thomas Shelley's book, please see pages 299 and 300 for the 1886 founding of St Mary parish, White Plains Road at East 215 Street, Williamsbridge. In 2007, the 1887 church was transferred to the Korean Catholic parish of St John Nam. The archdiocesan website shows this rectory address for the Church of St. Mary: 650 East 226 St., Bronx NY 10466, telephone 718-547-8000. This address is near the school in the Wakefield post office zone.
This link from 2004 provides some history of the shared church.

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