Saturday, January 10, 2009

St Rita of Cascia & St Pius V, Mott Haven

As of August 1, 2015, the parish of St. Rita of Cascia parish has absorbed the parish of St. Pius V. The parish website is linked here. The two photos below are from 2009.

See page 231 for the foundation of the parish of St Rita of Cascia in 1900. The present church was built in 1904 at College Avenue and East 145 Street. The rectory address is 448 College Ave., Bronx NY 10451, telephone 718-585-5900.
On May 24, 1900, Leo XIII canonized two saints: Rita of Cascia and Jean Baptiste de la Salle. Archbishop Michael Corrigan immediately named a new parish for each: Rita here in The Bronx, and John Baptiste de la Salle on Staten Island.

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The parish website shows parishioners painting the church exterior. They did  a masterful job.

The Missionaries of Charity live, work, and pray in this parish. 
The pastor or administrator is now the pastor or administrator of the merged parish of St. Rita and St. Pius V.  However, in neither location could I find a sign acknowledging the merger.  The 2016 Official Catholic Directory lists Fr. Pablo Gonzales Maestre as administrator (or pastor?).  In turn, he is listed as a priest of the Archdiocese of Madrid as a missionary in The Bronx.  His service appears to be with the O.M.P., Obras Misionales Pontificias.
Please see my post for the parish of St. Pius V, which has no regular religious services.
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Immaculate Conception elementary school is a half-mile away at East 151st Street and Melrose Ave.


Katolik i Sverige said...


Found your blog by coincidence - searching for St Rita in the Bronx. I visited the church a year ago, while in NYC, and I also wrote an article on it for a Swedish Catholic periodical. I love the pictures, and I loved the church! If you like, please visit my blog - it's in Swedish but I have some pics from different churches in the New York area as well as pictures from my home parish in Stockholm, Sweden. If you comment I'll be sure to answer in English, and if you like I can also write a blog post in English. being a Catholic in Sweden is not always easy, we are a small minority here and society is very secularized. I would love to hear from you!

In Christ
PS. Rita is my Catholic name, and the blog title KAtolik i Sverige simply means Catholic in Sweden.

Sarah Gallick said...

Visited St Rita's for the 1st time today. They have a remarkable creche, very big and detailed. That alone is worth a visit, but it also has a beautiful marble statue of St Rita, a relic, and a stunning Crucifixion over the altar. Fr Ramon is a gift to the Church, and with the help of the Missionaries of Charity and many dedicated volunteers he is building a loving and strong parish.

NoraO'Driscoll Roussel said...

Nora O'Driscoll Roussel..I am an alumni of St. Rita's elementary school graduating in 1963. I was so happy to see the pictures of both the inside and outside of the Church. Wonderful memories of this school and Church and the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill. Now live in Tenn but would love to reconnect with other graduates by facebook r email if they are interested. Thank you

constance said...

I graduated in 1956 from St Rita's School. Would love to look up some classmates who remember...Sister Ita, Sr John William, Sr Thecla, Sr Loyola, etc.

Dolores Petersen said...

I remember Sr. Ita from St. Rita's. She was the principle. I'll always remember the way she pronounced the word toilet....I left in 1959 to move overseas. My last grade there was the 7th with Sr. Rose Marie, who I was not expecially crazy about.

Michael Bryce said...

I have terrific memories of the Feast of St. Rita at College Av. in the 1990's with Father Jesus joyfully saying Mass and greeting all the parish members there afterwards.
Through the years I had many roses blest at St. Rita's!

Happy Feast Day 2015!

Michael Bryce

Doug47 said...

I attended Release Time Instructions and made my First Communion in May 1955. I made my Confirmation there a few years later. I have very found memories of the priest; Fr. William Burke and John Mortel. I remember the Sisters who taught us especially Sr. William Therese. In 1968, I entered the Conventual Franciscans. I will always remember the story she read to us about St. Francis which impressed me.

Friar Douglas McMillan, OFM Conv.