Friday, March 28, 2008

Our Lady of Victory, Webster Avenue, Tremont

On January 29, 2012, the parishioners of Our Lady of Victory welcomed the faithful in procession from St. Augustine's parish, closed that day and merged with Our Lady of Victory. 
Webster Avenue proceeds north at the left of this 2008 photo. The rectory is the shorter building at the left. Maybe classrooms are above the church, but the parish has no elementary school. Instead, a vigorous CCD program is offered.
See page 472 for the establishment of the parish of Our Lady of Victory, 1512 Webster Avenue, at East 171 St, a block south of Claremont Parkway, in 1909. See page 474 for a photo of the church, which dates from 1911. For an explanation of Mary's title, "Our Lady of Victory," you may check out this link from the University of Dayton. I have long been puzzled by the question, "Which victory?" The primary victory seems to be Lepanto in 1571, but as the French often use the plural, there is a hint of more than that single battle.
The rectory address is 1512 Webster Ave., Bronx NY 10457, telephone 718-583-4044.
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Aida said...

I will never ever forget this school. I graduated in 1969. Those were the best years of my life. I remember Father John Carway, Father Sullivan, Sister France Marie, (Gym Teacher-Mr. Olivencia). etc.

Never will I forget. Thank You all for giving me Pleasant memories.

Aida Roman

Mike said...

I'm Michael McWatt and a proud member of the OLV Class of 1965. Our parish will celebrate it's
100th Anniversary in 2012.

Joe said...

Would someone describe where the classrooms, gym, and other facilities were located, that is, what was on each floor if this is a combined church and school? Thank you. If there is a website in preparation for the centennial, may I publish the address? Thank you.
Joe (blogger)
cjmcmann (at)

Mike said...

Hi Joe, The classrooms were located on two floors build above and around the Church in the center. The lunchroom/auditorium is in the basement. There was never a gym. The rectory stands directly to the left of the Church. The convent was torn down in the late 70's when the school closed. The parish remains open. Father Eric Cruz was recently appointed as our new Administrator after the recent death of our long time pastor. There is no website as of yet for the Centennial in 2012. Our Alumni can be reached at and on the Bronx


Francine said...

Fran...I graduated in 1971 or 1972. Sister Lorraine was our teacher. What a year of good memories. I remember Sister Lorraine eating candy. She would allow it as long as you left a piece on your desk so that she could have some when she walked by. However, you not dare let her catch you chewing gum! Yikes. We would have gym on the roof of the building or go to Claremont Park on Tuesday afternoons. Correct Mike! The school did not have a gym. For years I would dream about walking down the steps from the class rooms that were located above the church. I also remember Father Sullivan and what a kind man he was. I often wonder where everyone is today. Lets see...there was Gary Marshall, Maria Maldonado, Dolores Perez, Roslyn Davis, Bradford Clark, Liz Martinez, Nilsa Cintron, Nancy Nieves, Fredericka...cannot remember her last name. John Ramos or Russo to name a few.

Mary said...

Mary- I graduated in 1949 the Paster was Monsignor Cummings and Fr Sullivan was the assistance. I have many happy memories of my days at OLV. I made all my sacraments there the last one was when I was married in 1955 by Fr. Sullivan. I lived on Clarement Pkwy. We used to eat our lunch and put on plays in the basement. My 8th grade teacher was Sr. Alice. That church and school will always be in my memories

Mike said...

Hi Mary, if you are on Facebook, we have a group over there for OLV Alumni. Type in Our Lady of Victory Classmates in the search box.


franchot said...

my name is franchot richard. I graduated from olvi in 1962 i had two sisters and a brother that went there also. david maldonado and frank augart along with joseph spano and patricia mclave were but just a few of the students in my 7th and eighth grade classes. david smiley was also in my class. my teachers were sister anthony sister norbert. the principle was sister jerome.

Mike said...

Hi, do you remember Fran Suering?? She was also in the Class of 62.

glbrtayal said...

I had mixed feeling attending OLV and living in the Bronx. We lived in the project building across from OLV. I attended OLV from 3rd to 7th grades; I think that was from 1966-71. I wasn’t very well liked in school and around the neighborhood. I didn’t’ care for a lot for the environment. I was at best an average student while at OLV. It was tough living with my father. But I was glad when we moved. My parents moved us out of the area during the summer of 1971 to Orange California. My dad’s family lived in Santa Anna/Orange California for several years. So I knew that sooner or later we would be moving to California, I was hoping sooner than we did. I remember Father Marrow, who I thought was always very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember him playing stickball with us along 171th Street. I remember both Father Sullivan and Father Carway and how patient they were with my father. I think they knew what kind of personality my father possed. I was always the tallest and biggest kid in the class so I think it was always nature for people to think of me as big dumb and loathsome. I remember Mr. Brusher asked when I was moving to Califronia what was I going to do, I told him I would hit the beach.

Now and then I think of Johnny Russo. I worked with a female police officer whose last name is Russo so I think of Johnny. I hope he and his sister are doing fine. He was one of the biggest Yankees Fan I ever met. I think of Gary Marshall and his brother Clarence and sister Marylyn. Gary and I had our ups and downs but he and his family were good people. I remember one time after class Gary brought his electric guitar in and played. I now play and have both acoustic and electric guitars. I remember Bradford Clark a great person. He was just a nice person from a good family. I remember our 5th grade teacher Mr. Lapazia, I think the spelling is correct, had myself, Gary, and Bradford do push-ups for something stupid we did. Bradford got down a crank out like a dozen in no time, just like a Marine. Gary struggle to get one completed. I lucked out; I got a pass on it from Mr. Lapazia. Because everyone was amazed at Bradford’s ability and Gary inability to do push-up. That was pretty funny. I remember, Maria Maldonado, Roslyn Davis, and Nancy Nieves. I hope they’re all doing well.

Anyway, name is Gil Ayala and my sister’s name is Gissel Ayala. She was one year ahead of me in school at OLV. My family moved to Orange California. I quickly fell into the So Cal scene, beach, skiing, sports, and So Cal Blonde Babes!! I attended Orange High went to Cal State Fullerton and onto LAPD. I have two great young adults’ children. One is a grad student at Chapman University and the other is graduating from UC Merced this May.

I like to think that I experienced something good while attending OLV and growing up in the South Bronx. I think is some aspects I did, in a small way. I thank God for Father Carway, Marrow, and Sullivan. Yes, they did show me with a little patient and finding the good in people and all things around you, sometimes things just work out!!!! For the teachers at OLV Hmmm!!!!! FYI I’m 6’5 240 pounds I still run 3 miles and work out every other day. My current girlfriend, Denise, we attended Orange High School together. It's a long story how we got together. She tells me I still look the same since high school. So to Mr. Brusher yes, I still hit the beach, but also ski!!!!.

I’m 52 and little over weight but I still been known to carry myself well.

What can I say com'on dude
Life is a Beach!!!!!!!


Paul said...

My dad, James Griffin, graduated from OLV grammar school in 1924 and Regis HS in 1928. He died in 1986 but spoke often of the nuns who helped him at OLV and the wonderful education he received. Thank you OLV.


Paul said...

My dad, James Griffin, graduated from OLV grammar school in 1924 and Regis HS in 1928. Although he died in 1986, he often spoke of the nuns who helped him and the wonderful education he received. Thank you OLV.

Spooh82 said...

I attended the OLV dinner dance at Villa Barone and although I went by myself I had a great time and met some past alumnae of the school. Father Eric Cruz was a very dynamic person who puts a lot of time and effort into the parish. I understand after several years at OLV he will be leaving for other endeavors. The food was great and the music kept you dancing (even though I didn't know how to dance to salsa music), I still danced and had a good time.
I am glad I attended and look forward to future events from my old parish which will always remain with me and be a part of my life.

Damon Urso, OLV Class of 64'

Ivette said...

I am so happy to see some pictures of a place that I will never forget. It was in 1964-1969 that I lived in the projects in front of the church, Our Lady of Victory, then I came to live to P.R. Father Carway was the priest for the wedding of my aunt, I just can close my eyes and see this. I also remember Father Sullivan. My mom always took us to the church and I did my first comunion there. Wow, so great memories.

Maddy said...

I attended OLV in 1965. Does anyone remember Sister Christine?

Joe said...

I attended OLV from 1951 thru 1955. I was always in trouble, got kicked out of OLV and went to P.S. 53. My mother was close to the nuns and got me back into OLV. Never graduated there because we moved and I attended John P Susser and the DeWitt Clinton. My best education came from US Marine Corps.

awilda said...

I studied OLV from 63-68. I remember F.Carway, F. Sullivan, Mr Lapazia, Sister Francis Mary, ,Sister Dominic Marie. All the girls were in love with F.Carways eyes. I didnt like the the tomatoe soup.jajaja In the winter we used get in the rectory and five minutes they would throw us out. To many kids making noise wanting to keep warm. Couldnt go home at lunch since we lived in Fulton ave. Its was great going to the candy store. I studied with Maryln Marshall ,Valerie Vazquez ,Leticia, Diana. O my first love at first sight. He was in 8 and I was fifth grade. Loved my school.

awilda said...

I studied OLV from 63-68. I remember F.Carway, F. Sullivan, Mr Lapazia, Sister Francis Mary, ,Sister Dominic Marie. All the girls were in love with F.Carways eyes. I didnt like the the tomatoe soup.jajaja In the winter we used get in the rectory and five minutes they would throw us out. To many kids making noise wanting to keep warm. Couldnt go home at lunch since we lived in Fulton ave. Its was great going to the candy store. I studied with Maryln Marshall ,Valerie Vazquez ,Leticia, Diana. O my first love at first sight. He was in 8 and I was fifth grade. Loved my school.

Aida said...

Wow!!!! hearing you people and your stories is great!!!! I am an administrator of a page in Facebook it called:
If you want to join it would really be a pleasure!!!! so you can talk about your experiences with the rest of the people!! we have 64 members.
The Bad News Michael McWatt died this year September around the 10. We really miss our Classmate he was an active member and very well loved by all.
I will be expecting to see you all in the page!!! WELCOME MY FRIENDS!!

Frank Perez said...

I went to OLV from 63-70 was in the graduating class of 1970. It was a memorable time. There were so many wonderful experiences, students and teachers. I attended the school at a time of transition in the south bronx, so my class was completely multicultural! Which was great. I was an altar boy and my best friend Michael Cappizoli use to early morning mass, during the week. I was always amazed at how many people would go to church even during the week, before work or school. I lived in the projects a block away (1408) so did Mike. We played alot of baseball! Then he moved to New Jersey. But I will never forget Father Sullivan and Father Carway. They were nice giving people. And the nuns (at times not so nice) like Sister William Marie! But sister Lorraine and Frances Marie were cool. I remember we had this music teacher Mr. Sax really funny. Mr. Brusher, Mrs. Henshe, and many more. I eventually moved from the south bronx right after I graduated in 1970. Those were special years for me now. One special note the class of 1970 is notable for three reasons. Three students from my class (that I know of)went on to be successful in their fields: Brenda Braxton went on to be an award winning theater actress and dancer on Broadway, Manny Vega went on to be a noted painter/artist, his murals and mosiacs can be seen on buildings and train stations throughout East Harlem and lastly Frank Perez became an award winning theater director and published author and playwright...that's me. I'm still friends with Manny we both live in Manhattan to this day. Thanks OLV, for the wonderful memories.

Jimmy D said...

Hey Frank, thought I was the only one who remembered Sr. William Marie. She left me with a LASTING impression. A slap across my face so hard she knocked me down! We were in church practicing for our upcoming Confirmation, and she was playing the part of the Bishop, sitting on the Altar. My crime? I stumbled when kneeling in front of her, nothing major, recovered right away, but she made sure I fell with the force of that slap, while yelling about doing that in front of the Bishop when he came. Should've went to Confession to tell Father Sullivan the thoughts I had that day! That was about the only negative about the school. They gave us such a great education, loved everyone else. You're so right about Sr. Lorraine, what a great lady! Such a caring and FUN lady! Mr. LaPenzina was a blast also. Mr. Brescia was nice in his own way, and he got the job done. Mr. Olivencia kept us in shape with gym class(in the lunch room of course). I attended OLV from '65-'72 with Sr Lorraine as my graduating teacher. Was the best education, and a great foundation for future endevours.
To Francine above: Fredrika's last name was Brumby, I lived across the street from her on Washington Ave.
To Gilbert above: Gil, I was in your class, have tried to find you on the internet but couldn't. Really wanted you to know that I think you are totally mistaken when you say you weren't well liked in OLV. I thought you were a cool dude, bigger than most of us( you and Ralphie Garcia), but you did not take advantage of your size. I remember you being very funny, and was glad to hang with you. So please don't think that any longer.
Frank: congrats on your successes. You owe it all to OLV !
James(Jimmy) Deacon class of '72