Tuesday, March 25, 2008

St Adalbert, East 156 Street, Melrose

See page 240 for the founding of St Adalbert parish, East 155 Street, Melrose. in 1898. In 2008, this parish does not appear on the list of archdiocesan parishes, but the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal may be using some of the buildings.  Please view the comments below by clicking on the word "Comments."
To answer the question of the 3rd comment below:  A 1995 Catholic Telephone Guide (an official organ) said even then that all records were at the parish of Sts. Peter and Paul.  You may contact that parish at 718-665-3924. The office address is 833 St. Ann's Avenue, Bronx NY 10456.
Please note that the archdiocese does not maintain a centralized record bureau of baptism, marriage, and other sacraments.  When a parish is closed or merged, the records are transferred to a nearby parish, and that transferal shows up in the Official Catholic Directory and other listings of parishes.  I have the impression that mere membership in a parish is not considered a sacramental record.


Von Hans said...

St. Adalbert was always St Albert's to me; so I had dificulty finding/researching this wonderful insitution. I lived @ 667 Melrose Avenue from 1954 to 1963. Went to Immaculate Concenption School (then more-or-less German, Italian and Puerto Rican). But my Ukrainian father had us go to St Adalbert for Easter basekt blessings and to kiss the cross/crucifix each good Friday. My father was from Galicia; Ukrainski-Polish and shared the wonderful culture.

Von Hans said...

I was the kid on E. 151st Street Melorose Ave that went to Immaculate Conception School and had Easter baskets blessed @ St Adalbert (which I alway thought was Saint Alberts) on Good Friday.
Have many happy memories of the church and the school where my buddy Rustam-Joey Kasim went to school. What a time. -Hans Giga

sgtty said...

This was my parish in the fifties and sixties....I was an altar boy and went to school there as well. Looking to find where baptismal info may be retrieved. Can anyone help? Thank You.

dashers10 said...

I went to school there too would there be any records or pictures of times there yearbooks uniforms etc.?

Maria Ramirez said...

I was a student there in the 60's until today at age 62 i have fond memories of st Adalbert I dream about the school the inside yard the closed sidewalk playground for recess and the cafeteria i can still smell the tomato soup and cheese sandwich that they would serve for lunch this was my foundation for my faith respect for myself and others .I received the holy sacraments of communion conformation . I would like to get copies my year book .Is there any way i can obtian this .Thank u St Adalbert for all the wonderful memories and in participating in my up bringing

Patrice Williamson said...

There is a website for St. Adalberts on Facebook. I am a member. People post graduation class photos. There are reunions. I attended from 1956 to 1966.