Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sts. Peter and Paul, Brook Avenue, Melrose

The church is on Brook Avenue. East 159 Street is to the right. The school is to the left.

The above photo of the parish school was taken in October, 2006. Clicking on a photo enlarges it. In this case, you can then read the signs.
See pages 295 and 296 for the establishment of the parish of Saints Peter and Paul on Brook Avenue, Melrose, in 1898. The present church was completed in 1932. Page 587 has a photo of a student with a Sister of Charity in 1989. For years, the Sisters of Charity and lay teachers have staffed the parish school
The rectory address is 833 St. Ann's Avenue, Bronx NY 10456. telephone 718-665-3924. The parish property includes the north side of East 159th St. from St. Ann's Avenue on the east to Brook Avenue on the west. The church and school face Brook Avenue.
The school address is 838 Brook Ave., Bronx NY 10456, telephone 718-665-2056. . It seems to have more than 300 students and one or two sections per grade. The school website is here.
Alumni of the parish have created an interesting website with photos, linked here. In the views looking north on Brook Avenue, one can see the el between the school and the court house. There are photos of teachers, families, and students.


Luis Alberto ORDEJON CASADO said...

I have been there six years as a priest.

Marian mc cann said...


My gran uncle was buried here in the 1950s and we are trying to trace any family, who may still be living in the area. His Name was Bernard Mc Cann, born in Ireland, and had three children called, John, Mary, Alexander.

Does anyone have an email address of the church so we can seek some records?

We would appreciate any help

Chris Mc a Cann